Copper peptide/copper tripeptide-1 in cosmetics

First, first of all, we refer to the copper peptide, 99% are referred to GHK-Cu, the official cosmetic raw material name: tripeptide-1 copper.
Secondly, copper peptide, Prezatide complex copper, copper peptide, copper acetate peptide, blue copper peptide are its aliases.
Thirdly, most people in the Chinese market refer to copper peptide as triptopeptide.
Fourth, copper peptide (GHK-Cu) is a compound formed by the complexation of copper ion and tripeptide-1, the copper ion in it can promote repair, and tripeptide-1 (GHK) as a signal peptide can promote skin matrix synthesis.
Fifthly, the production of copper peptide is now on a large scale, and the price is cheaper than other peptides, so copper peptide is the most widely used.
Sixth, copper peptide has been used in cosmetics for more than 30 years since it was discovered in 1985. Its safety, effectiveness and reliability have been very well proven. Copper peptide is the perfect combination of divalent copper ion + tricopeptide and copper peptide, which was first used as an internal medicine to treat stomach ulcers. Copper is one of the basic elements of the body and aids in the healing of wounds in the function of skin tissue. Copper ions cannot enter the skin alone, so copper is introduced into the skin through the Blue Copper Peptide, made up of glycolic acid, lysine, histidine, etc., linked to a copper ion, which perfectly revitalizes the skin. Copper blue peptides promote collagen and elastin production and antioxidant performance, while penetrating deeper into the skin to promote self-repairing capabilities, resulting in the ultimate wrinkle-smoothing effect.


Post time: Sep-07-2020