Detailed explanation of Ninepeptide-1

Nine peptide-1, also known as nine-sheng peptide, is a bionic peptide. The main role of Nonapeptide-1 in cosmetics and skin care products is whitening and freckle removal, the risk factor is 1, safe and reliable, you can rest assured that there is no acne-causing property. The human keratinocytes will release a large amount of α-MSH once they receive ultraviolet rays, and α-MSH will enter the deeper layers of the skin and combine with MC1R (melanocortin receptor 1) on pigment mother cells after being released. Once the two are combined, a series of reactions in the melanocytes are directly activated, resulting in a rapid production of melanin and a 100-fold increase in melanin content.


The role of nine-peptide-1 is to competitively prevent the binding of α-MSH to the MC1R receptor. When α-MSH reaches the extracellular binding site of the pigment mother cell, it will find that the site has already been occupied by nine-peptide-1, so as to reduce the binding of α-MSH to MC1R and inhibit the production of melanin. Therefore, the whitening trick of nine-peptide-1 is to effectively inhibit the production of melanin from the source, so that the skin can be brightened from the bottom. Statistical results of the effect of different concentrations of neptide-1 on melanin production.


The data indicate that the neptide-1 product effectively inhibits a-MSH signaling with an IC50 of 3.7nM.


The data show that the nine-peptide-1 product effectively inhibits a-MSH-induced melanin synthesis.


In vitro results also showed that the product did not interfere with the normal function of melanocytes, but when melanocytes were activated by a-MSH, it effectively reduced the production of melanin in the cells, as observed under the microscope.


Ninepeptide-1 can be used to prevent pigment reflux and darkening in laser and photorejuvenation procedures; it can be used with traditional whitening agents to whiten effectively and reduce the allergy rate of the formula; it is safe and non-irritating, easy to formulate, and can be used as a transparent essence.

Post time: Nov-23-2020