Does Hexapeptide really work

Hexapeptide is a kind of strong peptide, also known as hexapeptide, which is developed from the single-cell green bacteria found in the mud of Antarctic Bay, and it is a strong peptide protein made by the production process in the clean room of MP class. It helps to relax the muscles and restore the smoothness of the skin. Hexapeptide has all the effects of botulinum toxin but does not contain any toxicity, it can avoid excessive muscle contraction and prevent the formation of fine lines. Therefore, hexapeptide has gained the name of "anti-wrinkle spring".


Hexapeptide can relax the overactive muscles to smooth the dynamic lines, expression lines and other surface fine lines and wrinkles, and the effect is fast and safer. It is widely used in high-grade maintenance products. 6 peptides have good anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect though.

There is no use depends on what the situation is:
1. Single look at the six peptide composition itself contains a certain anti-wrinkle effect. This is the experimental basis.
2. If in the skin care products, to see its composition has not to the starting concentration (many less than the starting concentration, is not effective. The concept is added)
3. To see the user's skin condition. First of all, we have to solve our own problems, make the muscle base healthy, and then use the products containing six peptides.

My opinion is: in itself, 6 peptides can effectively slow down the headline, crow's feet and tiny expression lines, help muscle soothing, and have good effect on the smoothing of dynamic wrinkles. But we can't just look at a single ingredient when using the product, the formula table has this ingredient inside, the amount added is more or less it's effect is not the same! There is also the fact that each product has its own unique formula to present. The effect of the product is closely related to each ingredient. It needs other ingredients to assist its main function! Here is a brief write up, to summarize: that is, a single product ingredients are a variety of roles. But we can't look at a single ingredient when choosing a product, we have to look at the amount added, the complementary ingredients, the process.

Post time: May-09-2022